Rocío Mondragón Reyes



Georgetown University, 2019
Major: Culture and Politics

I have dedicated my career to being an advocate for historically marginalized communities through the fields of law and education. As a daughter to undocumented immigrants and an older sister to three younger siblings, I use the resources and connections I acquired to guide my siblings through their educational and life trajectories. As an Administrative Associate for Making Waves Foundation’s College and Alumni Program and a part-time College and Career Advisor for Students Rising Above, I use my voice and position to advocate for the needs of first-gen, low-income Bay Area students pursuing higher education. As a former Roseland School District student, I have returned to contribute my knowledge and resources in various ways, including serving as a panelist for Roseland University Prep’s annual portfolio day and, most recently, as a cadre member of the District’s Equity and Anti-Racism Cadre, and now as a Board member of the Roseland School District’s Board of Trustees. As I continue on this journey of advocacy, I seek to continue leveraging my roles to provide parents and students empowerment about their rights. I am currently working on making my way to graduate school by fall of 2023 to pursue my J.D. and M.A. in International Education.