Nancy Sanchez


Santa Rosa Junior College, A.A., 2014

Portland State University, B.A., 2016
Major: Social Sciences 

Portland State University, M.A., 2017
Master’s: Education


Since graduating college in 2017, I have been fortunate to find work as an elementary teacher, both in Portland, Oregon, and now in Santa Clara, California. An area which I have seen the most impact regarding my career has been in supporting my families/students of color and building lasting relationships with each and every one of them. As a Latinx teacher, I believe I have been able to bring representation to the school system, and, in turn, encourage my students to also pursue higher education and learn about artists, scholars, scientists, etc. who also share their culture. 

As a teacher, I have also used my Spanish native language skills to advocate for and connect with my families and students from Spanish-speaking backgrounds. I have taken an initiative at each school and I have worked to bring in more multicultural, diverse books, and resources for students to have access to, as well as to use during instruction. I believe that having access to resources such as these have allowed my students to dream bigger and work harder in realizing their own abilities. While I have a lot to learn as a newer teacher, I am proud of the students that have walked through my classroom over these past four years.