Avi Fernandez



College of Marin, A.A., 2012

Saint Mary’s College, B.A., 2014
Major: Sociology

University of San Francisco, M.A., 2020
Master’s: Counseling Psychology and PPS credential


I was the first in my family to go to college and earn a degree, it was not easy, but I had an extreme amount of support from my family. I had the opportunity to pave the way for my family and now my younger cousins, who are in high school and community college, have someone to go to for specific college-related support. It is a true blessing to be able to give back to my community and my family. I have worked in my community starting at a young age, starting at Kids Club, providing targeted reading intervention, educational assistance, and enrichment activities supporting the cultural, physical, social, and cognitive development of students who have been historically underrepresented. Additionally, I worked at other community-support organizations, such as Next Generation Scholarships, Marin YMCA, 10,000 Degrees, College of Marin, and, most recently, as a bilingual counselor at San Rafael High School. Within my community I have been able to maintain relationships with past students, families, and educators that have helped shape me into the educator that I am today. Having positive relationships with former students has given me insight into our community and access into spaces that are normally challenging for other folks. It’s a privilege to have known students for many years and the best part of my job is when students stop by and visit unexpectedly to catch me up on their lives.